Exclusive, Handmade Handbags

About Kar-T-ra

I started to create things at a very young age, but most recently, for the past 5 years, I've been focusing on handbags. They're my favorite things aside from shoes, and they're just a wonderful accessory for women everywhere. The way a new bag makes you feel, and the splash of color and style that it gives your outfit, is something that I love to see in not only myself, but women everywhere. 

All my bags are hand knitted, woven, twisted, braided, and sewn. I take great care in focusing on the details, and adding a handmade tassel and/or pom pom, with an initial of the name of the bag is a big finishing touch for me. 

I hope you love each piece and each detail, and would love to work with you too for custom orders. Thank you for stopping by! 

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